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The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has given us the permission for reproduction of Crown copyright material. The open Government Licence v3.0 has been used to reproduce the of Highway code. DVSA does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.

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All the learners are able to see their progression. The progression bar shows if the lesson is completed or not. There are no restrictions of access to any part of the course.


Our system identifies the learner's weakness and trains them further on that section without interrupting with their normal learning progress. Also, the study materials are rearranged according to the learner’s knowledge.

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We offer three different Plans for your Car Driving Theory Test preparation. Fast track, Magic track and Golden track. Choose the one which is suitable for you and your time. 

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Frequently asked questions

All our courses include the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Revision Questions Bank. When a learner faces any problem, our support team will help them to solve it. This website is also monitored 24/7, so any technical problems are solved as soon as possible. So the student does not have to worry.

We have an app for this site which you can access directly from your mobile. Our site is suitable for the PC , tablet and mobile.

This course includes 34  DVSA(CGI) Hazard Video Clips. It also includes real life Video Clips.

In general people will need around 10 to 30 hours of revision to pass the theory test. You’ll have to decide on the exact number yourself—looking at how much time you have on your hands and how well you retain information.

Our students do not need extra books as all the information is on our website to pass the test. However if you want to further your knowledge then, of course, you can buy one!

If you have any question please send e-mail to – enquiries@qualitylearn.co.uk

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"I bought the Magic Track and passed my test first time. I found the course easy and well structured"
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"All the text can be converted to voice. which is great. I just selected the text and listened to the audio. I love the design and support"
Hall Read
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"I found the course the best value for money. I Passed first time. Well organized and great stuff. The staffs are also very helpful and answer all my questions when I am confused. "
Quintin Angus
"Love the student support. Whenever I faced any problems and I asked them and they got back to me very quickly. The course is fast loading and explains all the questions and answers well."
Jillie Tempest
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