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background information

Quality Learn is operated by the QLearn Ltd. We are registered and operate by the rules of the Company House England. All the courses in this website include the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Revision Question Bank. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has given permission for the reproduction of Crown copyright material. The DVSA does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction. For the Government reproduction material we have used Open Government Licence.

Quality learn is a part of the popular learning materials creator QLearn Ltd. We are a CPD accredited training provider. Our center Number :777957. The company is registered with the company house England and in full compliance with the current regulations.


Student Support

Our team provides 24/7 student support. For student support please e-mail to : Student.support@qualitylearn.co.uk

For all other support

If you need any other support please e-mail us on- enquiries@qualitylearn.co.uk


The visionaries

S Tanvir

Our vision is to provide quality education at an affordable price for everyone and support the learner on their learning journey. Our goal is to make the road safe for everyone. Our courses are designed in such a way that the student can get the maximum benefit within a reasonable time. Our special AI team are always work on cutting-age technology and implement this on our site. We use special hosting software to provide the best experience for Hazard Perception Test. We are eager to hear from you and love to get feedback so we can make any changes if necessary.

A Ferdous

I am keen to use my Artificial Intelligence knowledge to help mankind. After working on various projects, I intend to help students and built this web learning system for those who struggle to learn. Our random Quizzes Exam System finds out learners weaknesses and trains them on that part in an easy way without interrupting their normal learning programme. A specialised system uses is used to identify the Hazards in the videos to maximize their chances of passing the exam. We also use a Text-to-Speech system to make the learning more fun. Continuous development is our promise so you will never need to run back to the technology development.